The centre was instituted in July 2018 and has since been active. The centre houses three main units: Research and Innovation Office, the Language and Writing Unit, and Engaged Scholarship Unit (directly involved in coordinating external activities of the first two units).
The centre amidst other objectives was established to coordinate and facilitate faculty and students’ research activities across all VVU campuses and centres and to make these research activities relevant to the external community.

The centre intends to pursue the activities outlined below within the next two years. This strategic plan covers activities in the short to medium term.

General Activities

CARES will focus on promoting and coordinating innovative and cutting-edge research in three main domains:
The university community
SDA church
3.0 Thematic Areas
Faculty and Students’ Training and Research
External Grants and Valley View research funding
Performance Indicators
Development of Standards and key Policies
Community Engagement

Faculty and Students’ Training and Research

Short-Medium Term:
Research workshops on:
Academic writing
Computer/IT literacy
Methodology /statistical tools
Writing Publishable Papers
Collaborative research
Research in the 21st Century: Development oriented/Appliable / Evidence based research
Formation of research cells in every department/school
Formation of research committee (of at least 3 members)
Writing retreats

Faculty interactions

School based seminar series
School based annual international conferences
University-wide faculty symposiums
A revamp of university colloquium(Inter-Faculty Colloquium, IFC)
Journals: online / paper (Discipline specific journals and one Multidisciplinary Journal)
Liaise with schools and departments to establish journal repositories / publication outlets for various disciplines (focus should be on top journals).
Faculty writing services
Student writing services
Student research workshops (14 Modules)

Long term
Faculty Resource Centre
A fully equipped library of reading materials on teaching and learning resources, and audio visual equipment. It could be a good place for faculty to meet, think, plan and relax.

To encourage faculty involvement in generating funds for the university through grants
To institute an internal research funding for faculty research

Performance Indicators

Valley View Performance Indices—(VVUPIs)
Students’ Satisfaction Index(SSI)
Faculty/Staff Satisfaction Index(FSSI)
Staff & Faculty Performance Index(SFPI)
Mission Index (MI)

Development of Research Standards and key Policies

Develop policy instruments /documents on publication, research grants, etc.
set up standards for faculty and student research (Writing standards)
outline ethical standards, etc

Community engagement/engaged scholarship

Liaise with departments to set up community based projects
The VVU Forum: a special feature of VVU’s community engagement programme which seeks to host experts from diverse fields to deliberate on pertinent societal issues.
Private universities’ collaborative conference
International collaborations
External language and writing services
Eg. Translation: French to English; English to French
Formation of a consortium

The church: Special Highlights

Writing workshops/services for pastors and administrative assistants (Professional development conference for church office workers – office skills; email, answering the phone, dressing for the office, etc)
Adventist Living Standard and Quality of Life Survey
The Adventist Fund (fund supported by Adventist philanthropists to create business ventures in agriculture, Industry and Services)


Ghana Values and Faith in Development Survey(GRANTS)
Social Research (Special reports on pertinent social issues of national interest)
Engagements on Sustainable development goals

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